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The Silver Poet

“Silver Poet” A musical play by Houshang Touzie. He appears in role of late Fereydoun Farrokhzad, with a glance to this legendary poet, showman, writer, intellectual and freedom seeker who was brutally killed in exile by fanatics in 1992.

This exceptional play is based on a book written by Houshang Touzie with the same name “Silver Poet” and portrays the story of love & sacrifices of late Fereydoun Farrokhzad. Fereydoun was the greatest entertainer of all-time of Iran and his legacy remains in Iran’s history.

Fereydoun was a mellifluous showman and intellectual poet who produced a show on Iranian national TV in mid 70’s by the name of “Mikhak Noghreie” or “Silver Carnation”.  On that show he as one of the pioneers of Iranian modern performance artists provided a platform for many other young artists on the stage and TV screens and introduced them to audiences and connected them to people.

Rostam Is Unaware of His Son Sohrab's Whereabouts

The tragedy of Rostam and Sohrab forms part of the 10th-century Persian epic Shahnameh by the Persian poet Ferdowsi. It tells the tragic story of the heroes Rostam and his son, Sohrab.

Rostam lived in Zabulistan, hero and one of the favorites of King Kaykavous. Once, following the traces of his lost horse, he enters the kingdom of Samangan where he becomes the guest of the king during the search for his horse. There, Rostam meets princess Tahmina. She admires Rostam and knows of his reputation. She goes into his room at night and asks if he will give her a child and in return, she will bring his horse. Rostam leaves after he impregnates Tahmina and his horse is returned. Before he leaves, he gives her two tokens. If she has a girl, she is to take the jewel and plait it in the girl's hair. If she has a boy, she is to take the seal and bind it on the boy's arm. Nine months later ...

And the story continues.

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